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Have 2 MonkeyAthletes and a Capsule? Breed them together to create new MonkeyAthletes and trade them or fill out your teams!

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What is a breeding capsule?

Breeding Capsules are SFTs, or semi-fungible tokens. used for breeding and generating new MonkeyAthlete. Each Capsule is not unique but is still on chain and can be moved between wallets

What is Breeding?

Breeding is an on-chain feature that allows you to generate new MonkeyAthlete NFTs for your team using two existing Monkey NFTs and a Capsule SFT. When breeding two MonkeyAthletes together, the new Monkey has a 31.5% probability of receiving a trait from each 'parent' and a 37% probability of receiving a mutated trait.

What are breeding seasons?

Breeding seasons are themed around partners or real world events where super limited edition themed traits can come out during breeding.

What are MonkeyAthlete NFTs?

MonkeyAthlete NFTs are MonkeyLeague's players. Build your dream team of at least 6 MonkeyAthletes, play matches, compete against others, earn XP, and level up your Monkeys.

How can I get a capsule if the sale ended?

Make sure you stay tuned to our updates and upcoming Capsule sales! Register if you want to be notified.